Carlson & Stevenson

History Moving Forward

“History isn’t what happened, but what gets written down and various sources that make up the archival record”

FURIOUS HOURS by Casey Cep 1019


Schoolgirl Art of the late 18th and early 19th Centuries

Children’s Stories & Original Artwork that has not been published in print

Original Cartoon Artwork of the 20th Century

Artwork for Newspaper Cartoons

Early 20th Century Children’s Handdone Artwork

The Original Artwork & Story for Published Children’s Books

Our Catalogues


Our Catalogues are a modern updated use of the term. They are self-published hardbound books of our various inventory

There are two types of our Catalogues:

1. We present unpublished 19th and 20th Century Children’s Stories with their original artwork in framed sets

2. We offer original artwork of Cartoons of THE NEW YORKER and ESQUIRE magazines and their artists which we have framed

Note: Ephemera presented here can be framed for additional cost if desired.