Claude Shafer’s First Political Cartoon Presidential Election1896



Claude Shafer, 1878-1962 was an early political American cartoonist. He worked in Cincinnati for three newspapers there in his career – Times-Star, Post, and Enquirer.

This original ink drawing was created for the Presidential Election of 1896 between McKinley and Bryan. In the lower left of the artwork Claude wrote in pencil – “my first cartoon”. Under the lower center he wrote “original Bryan – Wonder if I’ll get his vote?” Bryan is looking in the window of the house at the family. On the wall of the house is a framed McKinley portrait. Above the wood cook stove is a lunch pail with “FULL DINNING PAIL” on it. That quote was a saying of McKinley’s Campaign.

Included in this selection is a watercolor of Shafer’s birthplace farm house in Little Hocking,Ohio. In the lower right he wrote “Little Hocking, Ohio from nature” and “SHAF abou189..”  The watercolor measures 8 3/8 inches tall by 10 3/8 inches wide unframed.

A watercolor of one of Claude’s brothers – Harry sitting in an Ohio field is also with this lot. Unframed it measures 8 3/8 inches high by 10 3/8 inches wide.

Shafer’s first cartoon is in a late 19th Century frame masuring 10 1/2 inches high by 12 3/8 inches wide.



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