“Tea with Cream” Orginal Barbara Shermund New Yorker Cartoon



Barbara Shermund created and signed the cartoon “Tea with Cream?” for the New Yorker in the 1930s. She drew six hundred cartoons and nine covers for the New Yorker from 1925-1942. Shermund’s life story is presented in “Funny Ladies” Women Cartoonists of the New Yorker by Liza Donnelly. She created cartoons and covers for Esquire and Collier’s Magazines as well.

This original cartoon is acid-free matted and framed.  The frame measures 26 inches high by 20 3/4 inches wide.

Our Catalogue “The Best Years of Barbara Shermund’s New Yorker Cartoons 1926- 1934” is available from Carlson-Stevenson for $125.


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